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In 2021–2022, we raised $3,000, which allowed us to serve 35 members of our community. Our goal is to raise $30,000 by December 2023. These funds will be used to:

  • create paid positions for students in our laboratory;
  • provide the necessary support to triple the number of community members served;
  • provide incentives for individuals of low socioeconomic status and adolescent children to participate in the program, and
  • build educational programming for community members to increase health and fitness awareness through lifestyle changes.

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Any questions regarding donations or support of the program may be directed to Katie Talbert at 828-262-7791 or

Interested donors are invited to visit the Beaver College of Health Sciences, including our laboratories, and meet our team.

Student Spotlights

Natalie Thulien in the Exercise Physiology LabNatalie Thulien

Natalie Thulien, a junior exercise science major, had the opportunity to work as a lab technician for the Community Health and Fitness Assessment program. She gained hands-on experience in the Exercise and Physiology Lab, learning how to sustain professional conversations with clients from our community, and understanding the meaning and relevance of test results.

This opportunity was made possible by our generous donors.



Breanna Gibson breanna_gibson200x269.jpg

Breanna is a sophomore Exercise Science major who worked with participants in the Community Health and Fitness program beginning in her first year at App State.

Breanna says the experience enhanced what she was learning in class and that "know I really know that I want to pursue a career in medicine" and that she also learned skills such as patience and compassion.





Alyssa LeflerAlyssa Lefler 

Working in the Community Health and Fitness program gave Alyssa the opportunity to serve as a laboratory technician, taking measurements and recording data. She learned so much that she ended her time in the lab as the program coordinator. 

"The experiences I gained in the lab are incredibly valuable to my future," she said. "I learned how to break down complex information for patients, interpret test results and most importantly, make patients feel comfortable and excited to learn about their well being."

Alyssa says her lab experience while a student in the Beaver College of Health Sciences has prepared her for a career in the medical field.