Injury Laboratory


The Injury Lab is operates out of Leon Levine Hall's Electrophysiology (LHS 120), Neuromuscular (LHS 124) & Biomechanics (LHS 125) laboratories on Appalachian State University’s Health Sciences campus. The lab is under the direction of Alan Needle, Ph.D.

Our primary purpose is to conduct groundbreaking research in the field of sports medicine by studying the effects of injury on joint mechanics and the nervous system.  To accomplish this, we conduct innovative studies that observe how thenervous system changes following injury, and providing clinicians therapeutic techniques and screening tools to understand these changes in a manner that can improve long-term patient function. 

Our research falls into three general categories: 

  • Exploring the effects of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injury on central nervous system function. 
  • Investigating interventions capable of modifying neuromechanical function in individuals with musculoskeletal injuries. 
  • Understanding the effects of extrinsic cognitive and attentional factors on identifying injury risk.

For current projects and further information, please see submenu items.

Injury Lab photoInjury Lab photoInjury Lab photo