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arterial health testingArterial Health Testing will measure blood pressure while laying down in bed and assess stiffness of central arteries. During this test, blood pressure will be measured using a blood pressure cuff, and arterial stiffness will be assessed using a leg cuff while a small transducer resembling a pen will gently press on your neck. The blood pressure cuffs will inflate and deflate while the speed and direction of blood flow through the carotid artery will be measured by the transducer. No physical discomfort should be experienced during this test. There are no known risks associated with this technique.


Why would I want an arterial health test?

Blood pressure and arterial stiffness are correlated to cardiovascular disease and overall heart health. You and your physician can use the results of this test to monitor your blood pressure and arterial health over time.


How long does an arterial health test take?

You can expect the entire procedure to take approximately 30 minutes.



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