Human Behavior in Physical Activity Lab

Major Aims and Goals

The HBPA lab focuses on research in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology. We study human behavior in exercise science and related fields with a primary focus on behavioral motivation in various settings. Currently our primary focus is to understand motives for physical activity behavior in individuals living with chronic degenerative neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Through this understanding, we are developing interventions designed to increase physical activity behavior in these individuals, resulting in increased long-term Quality of life.

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Current Research

  • An examination of a MS self-help group's involvement with Bike MS Tour to Tanglewood
    • Field research including:
      • Interviews with self-help group members
      • Focus group interviews with family members
      • Participation in Bike MS Tour to Tanglewood
      • Volunteering at Bike MS Tour to Tanglewood
    • Goal: understand the positive impact on physical activity behavior for ALL group members as a result of the focus on Tour to Tanglewood by the self-help group
  • MS Fit Yoga – (Beginning January 2018) a weekly yoga intervention for individuals with MS. This is a new program within the MS Fit Foundation, a free fitness and wellness program for individuals living with MS.
    • Goals:
      • Improved static balance
      • improved motor planning
      • increased motivation for physical activity participation
      • effective physical activity goal setting
      • Increased overall quality of life
      • This project collaboration with Winston Salem State University - Physical Therapy program
  • Student led projects: We also encourage and support student-led projects examining different types of motivational behavior and quality of life outcomes in both sport and physical activity settings.