Cardiovascular Research Laboratory

Welcome to the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory (CVRL) at Appalachian State University.

The CVRL is interested in the study of the development of cardiovascular disease, especially amongst high risk populations, and interventions to prevent disease. This is achieved by researching potential mechanisms behind elevated cardiovascular disease risk and studying responses at the cardiac, vascular, and endothelial level to provide insight.

The CVRL is located at Leon Levine Hall, room 118A, and is equipped with an ultrasound (Arietta 70, Aloka), transcranial doppler (DWL USA), edge detection software (Medical Imaging Applications), heart rate variability, hand grip, and data acquisition software (Biopac Inc.), and additional equipment necessary for the measurement of cardiac function, arterial stiffness, blood flow, and endothelial function. In addition, the CVRL collaborates with other laboratories within the Exercise Science Department that has shared equipment to measure beat-by-beat blood pressure (Finapres), arterial stiffness and central arterial pressure waveforms (SphygmoCor), metabolic carts, a Bod Pod, resistance training equipment, treadmills, and cycle ergometers.

Cardiovascular Research Lab


Contact CVRL
Rebecca M. Kappus, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Appalachian State University
Department of Public Health and Exercise Science
Leon Levine Hall, 1179 State Farm Rd.
Boone, NC 28608-2071
Phone: (828) 262-7214