Minor in Public Health

Minor in Public Health

A minor in Public Health Minor in Public Health program consists of 18 semester hours.  Course descriptions are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.  

Required courses include:

  • PH 2000 Introduction to Public Health

  • PH 3130 Environmental Health

  • PH 3250 Community Health

  • PH 3700 Foundations of Health Behavior

  • PH 3800 Public Health Interventions I

  • PH elective course (Choose one):

  • Elective (Choose one):

    • P H 2200 ____(3) Chronic and Infectious Disease

    • P H 3330 ____(3) Biostatistics (Pre: PH 2000 and STT 1810, 2810, or 2820)

    • P H 4000 ____(3) Physical Activity in Public Health (Pre: PH 2000)

    • P H 4300 ____(3) Substance Abuse Prevention (Pre: PH 2000)

    • P H 4400 ____(3) Obesity Prevention (Pre: PH 2000)

    • P H 4600 ____(3) Health Policy, Ethics and Law (Pre: PH 2000)

    • P H 4650 ____(3) Seminar in Rural Public Health (Pre: PH 2000)


Program Goals:

  1. Provide theoretical and applied instruction in the core values and concepts of public health to prepare students to promote and protect health.

  2. Promote critical thinking by using an evidence-based approach as the foundation of the curriculum and by providing engaging curricular activities such as service learning.    

  3. Provide an academic environment that promotes diversity, personal and social responsibility, collaboration, and community engagement through instruction, community service, and inter-disciplinary opportunities.

  4. Provide opportunities for students to collaborate with engaged and dedicated faculty on public health research projects.

  5. Augment a student’s education with the core concepts of Public Health in order to prepare the student to apply their specialty to the promotion of health.