Undergraduate Major in Public Health

Public Health students have a strong desire to promote and protect health and have aspirations of making a difference in the communities they serve.  Appalachian State’s Major in Public Health is designed to train students to help populations and communities improve their health through behavior change, lead interventions and social action through community and coalition building, the promotion of environmental and systems change, and advocacy for the inclusion of health in all public policies. Learn more about the field of Public Health.

Undergraduate Minor in Public Health

The Public Health Minor program is designed to provide an introduction to the field of Public Health.  The coursework for the minor offers exposure to core public health concepts that can be applied to a variety of health-related disciplines.  Students not majoring in Public Health can earn a minor in the field.  Learn more.

Beginning in the fall semester (2020) the Beaver College of Health Sciences will require all graduate and undergraduate students, who as a part of their program of study have required or elective clinicals, internships, field placements, or practicums, to submit to a criminal background check. The BCHS policy can be found here.