Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Exercise science prepares students to work in exercise-related areas by examining the effects of physical activity on the human body. The Exercise Science (BS) degree at Appalachian State University is primarily for students who prefer to have a more flexible career path with multiple options. The extensive choices within the Public Health and Exercise Science electives and Interdisciplinary Studies electives provide the foundation required for immediate employment in the fitness/wellness industry, in sport and human performance, or for successful admission to graduate or health professions programs.

Minor in Exercise Science

Program of Study: Minor

A minor in Exercise Science consists of 16-21 semester hours of the following courses:

Anatomy/Physiology Courses: 3 or 8 credit hours
ES 2035 _____(3) Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
ES 2040_____(4) Human Anatomy
ES 2050_____(4) Human Physiology 

Other ES Courses: 13 credit hours
ES 2002_____(3) Introduction to Exercise Science
ES 2005_____(3) Introduction to Physiological Assessment
ES 3002_____(3) Exercise Physiology
ES 3550_____(4) Introduction to Biomechanics


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