Anatomy & Physiology

The study of anatomy and physiology is the foundation for any health-related profession. Students who are enrolled in the HJuman Anatomy and Human Physiology courses must attend lectures and a weekly laboratory session, during which the information received in the lectures is put to use in the laboratory. In the medical field, hands-on experience is crucial, and this is the main function of the laboratory sessions. The anatomy and physiology laboratories have been equipped with the most modern technology available. The highest level of understanding the material covered in the study of anatomy and physiology is through dissections on cadavers and organs, as well as clinical laboratory analysis. Basic concepts of reflexes, neuromuscular function, electrocardiography, heart sounds, blood pressure, pulse wave, pulmonary function, and other related concepts are also conducted, serving to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving.

Student at microscope

 Collage of students and faculty in anatomy laboratory