Rebecca Battista


  • PhD - Growth and Motor Development - Michigan State University
  • MS - Exercise Physiology - Indiana University
  • BS - Physical Education Studies - University of Delaware
  • BS - Health Science - Lock Haven University

Teaching Specialities

  • ES 5200 Exercise Science Seminar
  • ES 2030 Concepts in Anatomy and Physiology
  • ES 2005 Introduction to Physiological Assessment
  • ES 2020 Measurement and Evaluation
  • ES 3005 Advanced Physiological Assessment
  • ES 3590 Interprofessional Approaches to Health and Physical Activity
  • ES 3700 Professional Development in Exercise Science
  • ES 4050 Practicum: Pre-Professional
  • ES 4100 Advanced Topics in Exercise Science

Professional Affiliations / Organizations

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • North American Association of Pediatric Exercise Science
  • Council on Undergraduate Research – Health Sciences

Laboratory Affiliation

Research Interests

  • Physical activity and children and youth
  • Improving motor development to increase physical activity in children 
  • Youth sports
  • Physical characteristics of college athletes across a competitive career

Selected Publications


Battista, R.A., West, S.T., Mackenzie, S.H., and Son J. (2016).  Is this exercise?  No, it’s geocaching! Exploring factors related to aspects of geocaching participation.  Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 34(2), 30-48. DOI:  

Battista, R.A.  (2015).  Physical literacy: Teaching children the ABC’s of movement.  ACSM Fit Society, 17(3), 1-2.

McBride, J.M., Davis, J.A., Alley, J.R., Knorr, D.P., Goodman, C.L., Snyder, J,G., and Battista, R.A. (2015)  Index of mechanical efficiency in competitive and recreational long distance runners.  Journal of Sports Sciences. 33(13), 1388-1395 DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2014.990487

Battista, R.A., Oakley, H., Weddell, M.S., Mudd, L.M., Greene, J.B., and West, S.T. (2014). Improving the physical activity and nutrition environment through self-assessment (NAP SACC) in rural area child care centers in North Carolina. Preventative Medicine, 67(1), S10-S16. DOI: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2014.01.022

Zwetsloot, K.A., John, C.S., Lawrence, M.M., Battista, R.A., and Shanely, R.A. (2014). High-intensity interval training induces a modest systemic inflammatory response in active, young men. Journal of Inflammation Research, 7, 9-17.

Battista, R.A., Foster, C., Davis, J. And Wright, G.  (2012).  The female athlete triad in physically active college aged females.  Gazzetta Medica Italiana, 171(1), 35-43.   

Mally, K.K., Battista, R.A. and Roberton, M.A.  (2011).  Distance as a control parameter for place kicking. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 6(1), 122-134.

Fencl, M., Muras, J., Steffen, J., Battista, R., and Elfessi, A.  (2011).  Physiological effects of bouldering activities in upper elementary school students.  The Physical Educator, 68(4), 199-209.

Pettitt, R.W., Udermann, B.E., Wright, G., Battista, R.A., Mayer, J.M., and Murray, S.R. (2010).  Time-Course of DOMS Evoked by Three Intensities of Lumbar Eccentric Exercise.  Athletic Training & Sports Health Care, accepted for publication. 

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Johnson, B.D., Joseph, T., Wright, G., Battista, R.A., Dodge, C., Balweg, A., deKoning, J.J., and Foster, C.  (2009).  Rapidity of responding to a hypoxic challenge during exercise.  European Journal of Applied Physiology, 106, 493-499.

Foster, C., Hendrickson, K..J., Peyer, K, Reiner, B., deKoning, J.J., Lucia, A., Battista, R.A., Hettinga, F.J., Porcari, J.P., and Wright, G.  (2009).  Pattern of developing the performance template.  British Journal of Sports Medicine, 43, 765-769.

Foster, C., Porcari, J.P., Battista, R. A., Udermann, B., Wright, G., and Lucia, A.  (2008).  The risk in exercise training.  American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 2, 279-284.   

Battista, R.A., Foster, C., Andrew, J., Wright, G., Lucia, A., and Porcari, J.P.  (2008).  Physiological response during indoor cycling.  Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 22, 1236-1241.  

Joseph, T., Johnson, B., Battista, R.A., Wright, G., Dodge, C., Porcari, J.P., deKoning, J., and Foster, C.  (2008).  Perception of fatigue during simulated competition.  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 40(2), 381-386.

Foster, C., Kuffel, E., Bradley, N., Battista, R.A., Wright, G., Porcari, J.P., Lucia, A., and deKoning, J.  (2007).  VO2max during successive maximal efforts.  European Journal of Applied Physiology, 102, 67-72.  

Foster, C., Wright, G., Battista, R.A., and Porcari, J.P.  (2007).  Training in the aging athlete.  Current Sports Medicine Reports, 6, 200-206.

Battista, R.A., Pivarnik, J.M., Dummer, G.M., Sauer, N., and Malina, R.M.  (2007).  Comparisons of physical characteristics and performance among collegiate female rowers.  Journal of Sports Sciences, 25(6), 651-657.   

Cumming, S.P., Battista, R.A., Standage, M, Ewing, M.E., and Malina, R.M.  (2006).  Estimated maturity status and perceptions of adult autonomy support in youth soccer players.  Journal of Sports Sciences, 24(10), 1039-1046.



Senior and Associate Editor, ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer, 4th edition and 5th edition

Title: Professor, PhD, Growth and Motor Development, Graduate Faculty, Director, Office of Student Research

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