Jeffrey McBride


  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1999
    University of Jyvaskyla, Neuromuscular Research Center
    Major field of study: Biomechanics
  • Ph.D., Southern Cross University (Australia), 1999
    School of Exercise Science and Sport Management
    Major field of study: Human Movement Studies
  • M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1995
    Department of Exercise and Sport Science
    Major field of study: Exercise Physiology
  • B.S., West Virginia University, 1993
    Department of Physical Education
    Major field of study: Exercise Physiology

Teaching Specialties

  • Biomechanics

Current Teaching

  • ES 3550 Introduction to Biomechanics
  • ES 5591 Biomechanical & Physiological Laboratory Assessment
  • ES 5710 Biomechanics

Professional Affiliations / Organizations

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association

Laboratory Affiliation

Research Interests

  • Muscle Strength & Power, Athletic Performance, Stretch-Shortening Cycle

Recent Publications

McBride, J.M. Muscle actuators, not springs, drive maximal effort human locomotive performance. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, Volume 20, Issue 4, 766-777, 2021.

Mcbride, J.M., S. Nimphius. Biological system algorithm reflected in sub-system joint work distribution movement strategies: Influence of strength and eccentric loading, Scientific Reports, Volume 10, Issue 1, 12052, 2020.

Maroto-Izquierdo, S., I. Gonzalez-Diez, D. Garcia-Lopez, J.M. Mcbride, J. Gonzalez-Gallego, J.A. Depaz. Comparison of flywheel and pneumatic training on hypertrophy, strength and power in professional handball players, Research Quarterly For Exercise And Sport, Volume 15, Pages 1-15, 2020.

Gurchiek, R.D., H. Rupasinghe, L. Watagoda, R.S. Mcginnis, H. Van Werkhoven, A.R. Needle, J.M. Mcbride, A.T. Arnholt. Sprint assessment using machine learning and a wearable accelerometer. Journal Of Applied Biomechanics, Volume 24, Pages 1-16, 2019.

Title: Professor, PhD, Human Movement Studies, Graduate Faculty

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Phone: (828) 262-6333

Fax: (828) 262-3138

Office address
Leon Levine Hall 412A