Leon Levine Hall

This building, which houses the majority of the Beaver College of Health Sciences, contains state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratory spaces for the programs in the Department of Public Health and Exercise Science.  The laboratory spaces include:

Phlebotomy (room 116)

Metabolic and Cardiovascular (room 118A)

Thermal and Microcirculation (room 118B)

Autonomic Studies (room 118C)

Vascular Biology (room 118D)

Environmental Chamber (room 118E)

Electrophysiology (room 120)

Cardiopulmonary (room 122)

Neuromuscular (room 124)

Biomechanics (room 125)

Body Composition (room 127)

Gait and Balance (room 128)

Exercise Physiology teaching (room 249)

Biochemistry (room 341)

Anatomy and Physiology (rooms 344 and 351)

Gross Anatomy (room 347B)